The Textile Collective

A vibrant mix of 8 individual textile artists, producing innovative work for fashion, interiors & art; using various mediums & techniques

Monday, 12 July 2010

A Wilde Exhibition

Chair By Helen Charalambous.

Cutlery by Sharon Mendham.

Bottles by Sara Page.

A glass half full by Anna Blafield.

Beer Mat by Maria Thomas

Our work in Wildes for Arts Week 2010

Wildes the Exhibition Unfolds

Monday, 28 June 2010

'Sew' by Wendy K

The Textile Collective got together yesterday to install their work at Wilde's Wine Bar & Restaurant in Leamington Spa, ready for the start of the hugely popular biennial 'Warwickshire Arts Week' event. The exhibition runs from today (28th June) to 17th July 2010, so please come and visit.

Look out for more posts from all the other members, coming soon.....but in the meantime here is a piece on display at the venue, from Wendy Kay.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Monday, 24 May 2010


An exhibition by The Textile Collective

Our first exhibition of innovative textiles for fashion, interior and art will run from 28th June to 17th July 2011 at Wildes Wine Bar and Restaurant, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

The Textile Collective are...
Maria Thomas:
M.A. Textiles, B.A. (hons) Embroidery

Maria describes her work as "make do and mend". Her interests are recycling cloth into interior and fashion accessories using layering, printing and applique techniques.

M.A. Fashion and Textile Studies

Wendy's work is described as textiles for fashion and accessories; bold and striking designs using simplistic graphic motifs such as flowers and spots; with lots of lovely add-ons and embellishments!

Sara Page:
B.A. (hons) Textiles

Sara is a freelance textile designer and part-time lecturer at De-Montford University. Her designs include tableware, scarves and fashion fabrics. However, presently studying MA Surface Pattern Design at BCU, she is exploring a new direction 'the essence should be simple', to strip away exposing brushstrokes, handcrafted with an artisan quality.

Sharon Mendham:
HND in Fashion and Pattern Cutting

After a career in the fashion industry as a Pattern Cutter, Sharon now combines her love of fabric with screen printed graphic images that are often inspired by humble everyday objects and the domestic details that mark life.

Emma Price:
B.A. (hons) Fine Art

Emma creates unassuming and subtly complex abstract 3D structures, arising from a meditative approach to materials and process, allowing the meaning to evolve in her work through the duration of their construction.

Helen Collins:
B.A. (hons) Fashion Design

Originally trained in fashion, Helen's work has taken a new direction recently. Through her development of open-screen textile process, Helen produces abstract images of layered colours and bold simple shapes, creating textile art for interiors.

Anna Blafield:
M.A. Textiles

Anna's work is described as 'art on paper and cloth', using printing, embroidery, applique and dyeing techniques. She loves finding the old and the forgotten: re-working, stitching and re-creating until something new emerges.

Helen Charalambous:
Diploma in Printed Textiles

Helen's work evolves from 'drawing with paint'- creating a picture with textiles using soft, watery marks, juxtaposed with strong, broken charcoal lines.